i tried taking some fish oil since i read that can also help with add symptoms in addition to the b vitamins. i am not sure how i feel about it yet. it is certainly doing something. possibly turning me into a space cadet martian. wiggles eyestalks vaguely

I forget, at the Winter Comiket in December, is Ryukishi releasing the first entry of his new series, or simply a preview of/information about the series?

I’m pretty sure his current plan is to release the first entry, although Ryukishi’s plans haven’t quite played out the way he’s mentioned/outlined before, soooo…! (Eventually one just kind of has to give up on Umineko Rei, bawwww!) But that’s my understanding of his intentions, at least! I think we are all looking forward to IN SPACE


The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular

there is something sort of funny about alice’s route being the blatant lies lies lies lies lies lies lies route though

i’m really glad i already know dio is a possibly tentacle-bearing aquatic cultist clone while i’m being forced to sit through his circus story

oh my god sigma actually is crying though

i would be sort of baffled at alice choosing betray in the first round solely against sigma and phi but then again i probably wouldn’t pass up the chance to make sigma cry either so i can’t really blame her

i don’t remember playing through that bomb flashback he remembered though. thousands of other fragments i have not directly played i suppose

sigma is inappropriate

sigma is inappropriate

shit i forgot to do my laundry today

willard and sigma can bond over that dumb pin-up poster too. sigma bounces around in anticipation like the trash he is and willard just squints and expresses concern that the lady on the poster will be cold if her blocky gray garments are removed. lion drops from the sky and murders them both. phi probably helps.

ah yes. willard h. wright. uses empathy and understanding as his defining point to approaching criminals and mysteries. ridiculously affecting in his approach to yasu’s story as he is utterly respectful of her agency and choices. is conflicted in his own way with his the limitations of own role and impotency and irrelevance within yasu’s story but deliberately makes the choice to never let whatever his mixed feelings are about that overtake what is truly important, yasu’s voice. a very important character. 

what i’m saying is he’s a horrible intolerable sulky loser asshole and needs to be utterly destroyed and shiloh is not helping with that

somethingorodder said: YES. (Oh yeah akatokuro I started RPing Willard recently check out his blog wizardhuntingwright.tum…)


~~~~~THE HEART~~~~~



i need willard h. wright and sigma klim visiting cats at an animal shelter together stat

actually lion needs to be there two so both of them are suitably punished

"still can’t help talking like a cat when i talk about a cat."