MOTHER was released in Japan on this day in 1989.
Happy 25th anniversary!


MOTHER was released in Japan on this day in 1989.

Happy 25th anniversary!

Happy 25th anniversary, Mother!

i hope that is true because as someone who has not read the whole manga/read all the VNs i would really like to hear what you got to say about kanon c:

ahhhh good luck on your journey friend! we will be waiting for you at the station, waving slightly moody gray-colored ribbons for you!

These last Goats posts have endangered the world stock of tissues for a decade, are you conscious of that? Do you two intend to make hundreds of people spend the next week weeping in their bed while tightly holding their handmade Yasu doll while throwing darts on an Ange poster and jabbing a Battler-shaped voodoo doll? ಥ_ಥ I-I'm not refering to myself or anything…

hahaha, i actually played through this chapter… a few weeks ago? i meant to do it quickly to check something or another about the story, and ended up getting so swept up in it i ended up just sitting and reading through it, while crying the whole time. and i cried again when rereading it this time!

the end of ep4 is sort of incredible in how much is going on there and how it only becomes more and more devastating the more you understand it - it’s an amazing sequence on its own, even on first read-through, but when you look back at it, able to live up to the series’ trust that you’d be able to think about things and understand what’s really going on between the lines - without the series having to spell it out for you - it’s like a gutpunch every single time. 

the fact that the series refuses to spell it out the first time almost gives it additional depth, i think - almost bearing out in the text the fact yasu’s realization that there was no way she could break ange’s magic and tell maria what sakutaro’s ressurrection really meant, the way that yasu had to kill herself emotionally to keep up that act for battler’s sake, not being able to explain herself to anyone, not even being able to cry and scream for herself - because battler, in that moment, has been emotionally manipulated into needing a punching bag

(but also the fact that he still can’t do it unless she’s egging him on to hurt her)

for me, when you think of yasu, someone whose story i think is pretty much defined by quietly emotionally sacrificing for others, being there for others, “functioning” as certain things for the sake of other peoples’ narratives and comfort, seeing this particular ending for her and the way that, at the end, she’s put in a place where she’s just being demanded to sacrifice more and more until she’s put down as the “evil witch” just sort of hurts beyond words

I keep getting more and more retroactivate Kanon appreciation. I actually wish that the vn had done more with him.

everyone on-board the retroactive kanon appreciation station! unless you have always appreciated kanon in which case there may be some kind of prize involved. possibly a ribbon. 

kanon is super important and it startles me a lot how much i’ve come to love him after understanding what he really represents ajfklalfjasf. in some ways i wish there was more emphasis on him, too, but i think he got a really good showing in ep6 and i’m looking forward to talking about that a lot! 

somethingorodder said:akatokuro I love and respect you as well but I will take endless nine deaths for Yasu my love and universe

yasu is more than a simple universe. yasu shines amongst all possible fragments of universes both made and unmade, in the cracks and crevices of both the exisent and the fictional. none exists even in concept that does not tie to love of yasu. all is measured according to love of yasu. you may die endless nine deaths for yasu but i would rise from the grave after suffering those deaths as a yasu zombie continuing to love her for all eternity

cisaragi said: Shiloh says yes

somethingorodder said: Yes

shiloh i love and respect you very much but

you are going to lose and lose hard

fires up laser beam eyes

shiloh do i have to challenge you to a yasu duel or

thirty-five screencaps someone kill me


this chapter of ep4 always really messes me up bawwwwww

Yasu's problem is complex with a good size difference between what is ideal for them and them they think is their only option.

It’s very complex! It’s sort of like, being “deficient as a woman” is something that was horrifying to Yasu, but the possibility of actively “being male” is actually something she fairly consistently responds to… very positively? But at the same time, I think we need to be extremely careful to not downplay the choices she made for herself, or the genuine happiness and contentment she found in being Beatrice, for example. It’s, yeah, complex.

It’s certainly complex enough that I’m actually really uncomfortable with definitively assigning labels to her identity in those terms (hence my using probably weaselly cagey language about it), especially since, again, I don’t think she was ever given the time or space in her own life to think about it on her own terms, for herself. Everything in her mind was weighed down with “but if I make this choice, I’ll lose [x] person.” The fact that the casual possibility for Kanon being “allowed to live” shocked her with her own euphoria to that degree is really sad to me in a lot of ways.

That’s something that’s very sad about Yasu in general, though - her entire life is basically defined by her struggling with herself and trying to make internal compromises versus what she truly wants and what she can realistically expect - not just in this case, but about basically everything in her life. So it makes it especially heart-rending when even the “compromises” she comes up with in her mind so that she can live with her shitty situation end up getting betrayed and denied and ripped out from under her.

If Yasus gold could have bought her some sort of perfect restorative surgery, do you think she would have elected to be physically female, or male?

Well… I kind of want to preface this by saying, again, that I’m really not an expert in these matters—but I think it’s important to put out there again that from my understanding from people who are far closer and more personally involved in this kind of situation, it’s possible or even likely that that kind of “perfect restorative surgery” wouldn’t have been possible for Yasu in the circumstances she was in.

I’m not saying this is what you’re doing at all, but I think it bears reminding because I’ve seen/gotten messages sort of irresponsibly implying that a “fix” in those terms should have been obvious and easy for Yasu, when that’s probably not the case.

That aside, it’s sort of a complicated question.

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Aside from When they cry, What is your favorite book? Mine Is, was, and alwas will be "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There" It lines up very often with how I see the world. Full of crazy insane people, maniacs calling the shots and making arbitrary rules the norm. I'm still a kid though, mentally anyway. What resonates with you most?

When I was a kid, I was very attached to Watership Down. I’m not sure if I’d define them as “favorites,” but probably a couple of books that have heavily influenced the way I’ve read Umineko were The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. HOW DO WE MANAGE STORIES TO SUPPORT OURSELVES AND CONVEY PRECIOUS NONFACTUAL TRUTHS, AND WHAT ARE OUR ROLES IN EXISTING NARRATIVES

Actually, I’d already completely loved those stories for those reasons long before reading Umineko - those themes sort of inherently click with me for whatever reasons - so it was sort of a pleasant shock when it turned out that Umineko, which I’d already liked very much when it seemed to mostly just be about fantasy/mystery battles, wound up going down that same route in a way that was also very meaningful to me. 

Do you intend to do a reread of The Witches' Tanabata on Goats after E4? =O

Yep! It’s a very important TIP, so I couldn’t imagine skipping it…! There are probably others I don’t feel particularly inclined to delve into because they’re mostly fluff, but a lot of the way things ended up playing out later in the series basically assumes/depends on you having read that TIP, so…