Ougon Cross: Ange + Will dialogue

Thanks to yumetabibito for being a ton of help on the translations! In which Ange has a one-track mind and is rather shrill about it as Will rolls his eyes at a six year old girl.

Ange to Will:

“Get out of my way. If you don’t back off, I’ll make you do it by force…!”
“Are you going to get in my way, too? Are you going to hide the truth from me?”
“Tell me the truth of that day. If you can’t do that, then get out!”

Will to Ange:

“Clear your head a little. You’ll get a headache.”
“You have no love. …I’ll show that to you.”
“I’ll stay out of your way. So you stay out of mine.”

Partner Dialogue

Ange: “The heart…? Can something like that really help you find the truth?”
Will: “It can. …no, if you don’t have it, even if you attain it, you can’t understand it.”

Will: “The witch of truth, huh. Grasp your truth with your own hands.”
Ange: “I plan on it. I’ll let you handle the small fry. However, I’ll grasp my truth myself!”

Ange: “…the ass? Not my hobby to pinch them, but why?”
Will: “That’s a relief. I seriously thought it might be an Ushiromiya family tradition.”

Will: “You’re too impatient. You have to carry a broad perspective in both thinking and fighting.”
Ange: “So you’re going to model that for me? …I’ll accept your advice in that case.”

Ange: “What on earth are you? A friend of the witch?”
Will: “Don’t group me in with them. I’m just… a giver of last rites.”

Ange: “Handsome guys are the only ones who can get away with wearing white shirts.”
Will: “So do I get away with it, or not? …which is it?”

Ange Defeats Will:

Ange: “Who are you? Tell me what you know about this island.”
Will: “I’m investigating that too. …the one who wants someone to tell him is me.”

Will: “What is it that’s driving you? Is there anything you gain from this fight?”
Ange: “I know that there’s nothing for me! That’s right, I have nothing. Nothing!”

Ange: “I’ve revised my opinion of you. …it was stupid of me to think you resembled my brother.”
Will: “No kidding. No one could take your brother’s place. Isn’t that right?”

Will Defeats Ange:

Ange: “Why!? If it’s about my resolve to know the truth, I’ve already prepared myself!!”
Will: “The truth? Isn’t there something more important for you to know?”

Ange: “I don’t care about the heart! The only thing I want to know is the truth of that day!”
Will: “And that’s why you can’t understand it. The simple truth right before your eyes.”

Will: “Don’t arbitrarily decide upon the answer. …the truth usually exists beyond one’s perspective.”
Ange: “What is it I’m wrong about…!? I’m not wrong…!!”

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