Ougon Cross: Erika + Will dialogue

Praise be to yumetabibito’s honorable name on high for her amazing help, etc etc. In which Willard Huntington Wright and Erika Furudo hate each others’ guts and wish that the other would get hit by a train and die or something.

Erika to Will

“Mystery is a battle of the intellect. Knowing that, don’t you think it’s rather naïve of you to grasp for rules?”
“Van Dine is outdated, you know? A younger person will leave you in the dust.”
“I’ve heard the recent rumors about you. Like that you’re a moron who wants fairness in mystery. Heehee.”

Will to Erika

“Why do you dismiss the heart? Even you should possess one.”
“Your reasoning has no heart. I won’t acknowledge crap like that as reasoning!”
“Don’t neglect the heart. You can’t speak of mystery.”

Partner Dialogue:

Erika: “T, to dare not only to touch my prey, but even finish them off!”
Will: “Because you’re too inefficient. All I’m doing is taking things over from you.”

Will: “Why do I have to work with you? …it’s giving me a splitting headache.”
Erika: “It’s likely an innocent plan to show an outdated man like you the cutting edge of reasoning, wouldn’t you say?”

Will: “…your reasoning makes me want to vomit. This is your version of mystery?”
Erika: “You have a problem? Even though you yourself specialized in that sort of reasoning in the past!”

Will: “I’m not associating with you. …this is only the witch’s farce.”
Erika: “Then isn’t it better for you to head on home? …if you can, of course.”

Erika: “<Good.> I thought you might be a bit more of a soft-hearted man, but it seems you can pull it off.”
Will: “I don’t want praise that comes from you. Moving on. Next.”

Erika: “What do you think, Lord Wright? This much reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika.”
Will: “How many people have been hurt by that reasoning? Figure that out, and you’ll get full marks.”

Erika Defeats Will:

Will: “I acknowledge that I lost. …but it was shitty, boring reasoning.”
Erika: “The interesting part isn’t the reasoning. It’s the pathetic truths that are exposed!”

Erika: “Whydunnit?! How idiotic! Motive is unnecessary in true reasoning!”
Will: “Incidents happen because of the heart. …you can’t neglect the heart…”

Erika: “Mystery has advanced. I do have pity for you, but you’re outdated!”
Will: “…seems so. Since when did mystery becomes this boring?”

Will Defeats Erika:

Will: “I don’t take it easy on intellectual rapists like you.”
Erika: “<Good!> Words of the highest praise! What do you think?! One more match!”

Erika: “Whydunnit is unneeded in mystery! History proves it!”
Will: “In that case, take this fight as proof. You can’t neglect the heart in mystery.”

Will: “Then, this decides it. Your cold-blooded reasoning is no mystery.”
Erika: “M, my reasoning… h, how dare you defile it…!! B, bastard…….”

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