Ougon Cross: Battler & Black Battler + Will dialogue

yumetabibito is a pure angel and saint and ridiculously kind and helpful you should all bow to her. In which Battler and Will bond over things such as swords, asses, and reasoning. Meanwhile, Black Battler just kinda—oh god jesus christ ryukishi

Battler to Will

“Wouldn’t have thought I’d go at it with you. What a prank of fate.”
“No need to hold back! Show me the power of the Wizard-Hunter!”
“Your mystery and my mystery. Let’s face them off!”

Will to Battler

“…ah, man. To think I’d have to fight against Battler.”
“You’re… Ushiromiya Battler. …hmph. …I see.”
“Well, don’t think too hard about it. You’ll get a headache.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “Your thinking is sharp, and possesses depth. …but when your reasoning gets on the wrong track, you tend to get stuck there.”
Battler: “…you’re pretty much right. Could probably say the same thing about my fighting, too!”

Will: “Just what you’d expect, if only because you’ve inherited Ushiromiya Kinzo’s blood.”
Battler: “Ihihi. If I couldn’t do this much, I wouldn’t qualify as a member of the Ushiromiya family!”

Battler: “Whoaaa~! That sword, is it the real thing? Lemme touch it a sec!”
Will: “As real as it gets. No one can use it but me.”

Battler: “I want a weapon too. Like an awesome sword or something!”
Will: “Your reasoning is your best weapon. Pierce through the entire truth.”

Will: “Sorry about that. I probably stole the spotlight from the territory lord, huh?”
Battler: “More like you treated me to a show. Watch! Next time I’ll let you see the way I fight…!”

Battler: “This was… the right thing, wasn’t it? I wasn’t wrong, was I?”
Will: “You only did what you had to do. Don’t think too hard about it. You’ll get a headache.”

Battler Defeats Will

Battler: “Do you have to go to work? All you seemed worried about was the clock.”
Will: “…Sorry, I’ve got a princess waiting at home. Can’t let her get lonely, because then she starts tearing the place up.”

Battler: “Ihihi. You’ve got a partner, right? Make sure to guard your ass when you get back!”
Will: “Sounds like you’ve been getting it pretty bad, too. Let’s pray together that our asses don’t end up swollen.”

Battler: “I get the feeling you and I could become good partners. How about we work together next time?”
Will: “Sorry, but I’ve already got a partner who doesn’t take kindly to theft. Sorry about that.”

Will Defeats Battler

Battler: “Howdunnit…? So that plays a part in reasoning…?”
Will: “It’s the same with turning over the chessboard, right? …don’t neglect the heart.”

Will: “Don’t stop thinking. If you stop there, you won’t be able to move forward.”
Battler: “Dammiiiiiiiitttttttt…! What is it I should be thinking about!? I have… no idea…”

Will: “That’s right. Don’t neglect the heart. …your reasoning isn’t wrong.”
Battler: “Just what is Beato thinking? I haven’t got a clue…!”

Black Battler to Will

“Whodunnit is enough, isn’t it? No whydunnit exists for me.”
“So you came here to deny me? If you can do it, go ahead. I want to get this over with and relax too.”
“Yo, Will. I wouldn’t have thought I’d invite even your reasoning. I’m so happy…”

Will to Black Battler

“Tch. …what witch is behind this prank? They’re in for a spanking later.”
“Don’t think you’re clever. …play at being culprit somewhere else. I’ll take you on!”
“You have no whydunnit. …I won’t accept someone like that as the culprit.”

Black Battler Defeats Will

“Wizard-Hunting Wright? …No. It is I who am hunting you. Haahahaha…”
“Van Dine’s Twenty Rules? …being bound by those must be constricting, right? Here, this will help you loosen up…”
“…don’t resist. …unlike those black cats, I’ll take your arms and your legs and everything you have…”
“…I’m so sad. Your body is gradually getting cold. …I can only break it, not love it.”

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