Ougon Cross: Eva + Will dialogue

yumetabibito continues to be incredible help and everyone should adore her. In which Eva throws several conniption fits about protecting the catbox before clueing in and proceeding to fawn like crazy over Will.

Eva to Will

“I won’t let anyone expose my catbox! For eternity in the future, I will protect it!”
“What have you come here for!? No matter what, I won’t allow my catbox to be opened!!”
“What are you saying? I’m the culprit, you know? I killed everyone with my magic!”

Will to Eva

“You guard the grave. I conduct the funeral. …our jobs are pretty similar.”
“…the guardian of the catbox? So you’re also fated to play that role, huh.”
“Don’t look at me like that… I really didn’t come here to look into the catbox.”

Partner Dialogue

Eva: “You’re so wonderful. I bet you’re swarmed by women who just can’t leave you alone, right?”
Will: “I’ve got a spoiled princess waiting at home. I don’t have time to look after anyone else.”

Eva: “You’re such a capable man. …the ideal figure I had wished for George.”
Will: “That’s not true. Your son is splendid enough.”

Will: “I won’t allow heartless people to lay a single finger on the catbox.”
Eva: “…why is it that you’re able to understand the catbox? …why…?”

Will: “To hold the funeral for the catbox. …that’s my job.”
Eva: “…if you can really do that… I’ll… entrust everything to you…”

Will: “Knock it off. If you can’t control yourself, I’ll be your opponent.”
Eva: “Oh my, what a charming suggestion. But I’m afraid I’ll have to decline today. Heeheehee…”

Eva: “By the way, about what we discussed earlier! Won’t you lend your talents to my husband’s company?”
Will: “We’ll discuss terms next time. …I don’t come cheap.”

Eva Defeats Will

Eva: “No matter who they are, I won’t allow anyone… to open this catbox!”
Will: “Seems that way. …man oh man, looks like I have no choice but to come again.”

Eva: “Oh my, were you a guest? I was sure you had your sights set on the gold.”
Will: “What I want right now is an ice pack. And then a sofa I can lie down on. …owowowow.”

Will: “As expected from the Golden Witch Beatrice. Pulling all sorts of tricks…”
Eva: “But they’re not tricks at all? If you don’t think so, why don’t you try your luck againnnn?”

Will Defeats Eva

Will: “Relax. I didn’t come here to open your catbox.”
Eva: “I’ll protect this catbox even if it means my death!! I won’t allow anyone to open it!”

Eva: “Even if it comes down to trading blows with you…!! I won’t allow you to look into this catbox!”
Will: “My job is to conduct its funeral. …I absolutely won’t neglect its heart. I promise you.”

Will: “As an interpretation, you’re also interesting. However, right now, you’re in the way of thinking. Pull back.”
Eva: “My magic doesn’t fool him… does this man know what’s inside the catbox…?”

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