Ougon Cross: Kanon + Will Dialogue & Storyline

There are no words for how wonderful and amazing yumetabibito and her help truly is. Whatever you think, she far surpasses it. In which Kanon has a raging complex about his stature, and Will adopts the role of WISE BUSHIDO MASTER. No, seriously. We’re pretty sure he must have been drinking really heavily or something before this stuff…

Kanon to Will

“I’ll become about that tall soon, too… …dammit, I definitely will!”
“There is no person named Lion within the family. Have you made some sort of mistake?”
“Are you a guest? Although, I hadn’t heard that we were having one…?”

Will to Kanon

“Your emotions are so apparent, it makes your swordsmanship easy to read.”
“Calm down. I’m just here to tend to the funeral.”
“You guys sure are complicated. Gives me a headache.”

Partner Dialogue

Kanon: “What sharpness. …not the blade itself. Rather, the person himself…”
Will: “Exactly right. What needs to be honed isn’t the blade. It’s the self. …study well, young one.”

Kanon: “I did not believe they were qualified to be your opponent, Willard-sama. My deepest apologies.”
Will: “…from the next one on, let me finish hearing out their story before defeating them.”

Kanon: “Damn… so height really is… an advantage in battle, after all…”
Will: “Rather than reaching their height, reach them with your sword arm. So, your training still hasn’t gone far enough.”

Will: “As they say, lions will hunt even rabbits with all their strength, huh?”
Kanon: “…no matter who the opponent, I’ll defeat them with my full power. That’s how I show them just how serious I am!”

Will: “You wield your blade too impulsively. The one swinging the sword is you. What happens when you’re the one who gets all wound up?”
Kanon: “…i, it’s as you say. …I still have a long ways to mature…”

Will: “…by the way. Are you a cat person? Or a dog person?”
Kanon: “D, don’t mock me! I am furniture. Not a dog or a cat!”

Kanon Defeats Will

Kanon: “Do you still require assistance? If you’re leaving, I’ll escort you out.”
Will: “…ah man, can’t do my job like this. …better come back.”

Will: “Owowow!!! What the hell, Lion! Why are you pinching my ass?!”
Kanon: “…I wonder who that person is. Even though they bear the crest of the one-winged eagle… it’s a face I don’t know.”

Kanon: “If you lack a written invitation, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave.”
Will: “I’d want to leave if I could. …damn that witch, didn’t even prepare an invitation or anything…”

Will Defeats Kanon

Kanon: “Someone like you could never understand my feelings! Dammit, dammit…!”
Will: “Be honest to your own heart, and live with all you’ve got. …that’s my answer to your riddle.”

Will: “What are you so afraid of? I didn’t come here to expose you. I came to perform the funeral rites.”
Kanon: “…just who are you… to perform the funeral rites to the riddles of this island… what on earth…”

Will: “I’d rate your treatment of guests as more or less okay. Bring out some tea about now, and it’d be perfect.”
Kanon: “Please excuse my lack of sensitivity… wait just a moment.”


Kanon: “What I seek to attain is just one thing! Strength—that’s all…!”
Will: “If there are no falsehoods in those words, then you’ll be able to attain it.”
Kanon: “But I can’t attain it…! It’s because my training is weak, isn’t it?!”
Will: “In such times, training is only one aspect. …don’t think about it with your head. You’ll get a headache.”

Battler: “Yo, if it isn’t Kanon-kun! I’ve been impressed with your training!”
Ronove: “If you like, shall we hold a bit of a match…?”
Kanon: “Ugh, why? …why do I feel such a complex towards them…?”
Will: “…you feel a complex of powerlessness? Then overcome them—these two.”
Kanon: “Battler-sama, Ronove-sama…! Let us face off!!!”

Will: “Strength of the arm alone doesn’t equate to skill with a sword. Even after defeating those two, you still feel a complex?”
Kanon: “…I don’t know. …but, no matter what, this uneasy feeling in my chest won’t disappear.”
Will: “Somehow, it seems like you still haven’t recognized the true voice within you. …clarify your own self-awareness. To become strong is to know the self.”
Kanon: “My true voice…? I don’t understand… even though I won against those two, I can’t calm down. What’s the truth behind this uneasiness…?”

Dlanor: “…something that Battler and Ronove possess, but that Kanon does not. …something that Kanon lacks?”
Erika: “Something he can’t compete against Battler and Ronove with. Wouldn’t that be height, Kanon-san?”
Kanon: “U… uwaaaAAAaaaaaAAAaaa!! T, that’s right…! I want to be tall! That’s why I felt a complex towards Battler-sama and Ronove-sama!!”
Erika: “Being so short and pale, not to mention weak, and wearing those half-length trouserrrrrrssssss! As a man, aren’t you embarrasseddddd? Kyaaanooon-saAAAAaaaan?!?!”
Will: “Overcome it, Kanon…!! Take that anger within you and let everything out…!!”

Will: “Kanon. Why do you look so depressed? You’ve displayed your strength as a man…!”
Kanon: “It’s pointless… height is the one thing I can’t attain through training…”
Will: “No, you can. As proof of your achievements in your training, I’ll give you this present.”
Kanon: “T… these are… secret boots?! I, I couldn’t wear such shameful things!!”
Will: “You’re a strong man. If they help your height reflect that, what’s shameful about wearing them? …and besides. …the truth is, I wear them too.”
Kanon: “Wha? …whaaaat?! Y, you also use s, secret boots?!”
Will: “You didn’t notice, right? That’s why they’ve been in fashion recently. …Now, wear them with pride. You’ve earned that right.”

Kanon: “I… it’s so high… my field of vision has raised … by five centimeters…!! Haha, hahahahahahahahaha…..!!
Dlanor: “…but you don’t wear anything like secret boots.”
Will: “Shhh. …don’t ignore his heart.”
Kanon: “I’m… not short anymore…! Hahaha, ahahahahahahahahaha…!!”


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