Ougon Cross: Dlanor + Will Dialogue & Storyline

yumetabibito is pretty much a lifesaver. In which Dlanor and Will are assigned to eliminate the evil witches of Rokkenjima, and Will als—RETIRED RETIRED RETIRED HAS HE MENTIONED HE’S A RETIRING RETIREE WHO IS RETIRED ‘CAUSE HE’S RETIRING

Dlanor to Will

“Thank you for the match. This is a long-awaited opportunity. Let us both use our full power…!”
“This is a valuable chance. Let us test the power of the Ten Commandments and the Twenty Rules together.”
“I am quite interested. What will result when Knox and Van Dine compete against one another?”

Will to Dlanor

“This is a good opportunity. Want to get in a little practice? Don’t hold back.”
“Well, this is a farce too. But sparring now and then isn’t bad.”
“Not that there’s any point in comparing us. Completely stupid.”

Partner Dialogue

Dlanor: “It is quite regrettable. That you would retire, even possessing such strength…”
Will: “The era has already changed. It’s better if someone like me goes ahead and disappears.”

Will: “You’ve denied enough, haven’t you? Sometimes you go a little too far.”
Dlanor: “I didn’t realize. Restraining the power of this red key is quite a difficult thing.”

Will: “Hollow things, aren’t they. …mysteries that have been exposed.”
Dlanor: “It is the same as a flower. Because it is certain they will wither away, it is sorrowful, but beautiful.”

Will: “Pretty good, aren’t you. …because someone like you is around, I can rest easy and retire.”
Dlanor: “Please teach me the method to retiring. I would also like to stop doing paperwork, and live in retirement.”

Dlanor: “Is this not excessive? It is quite pitiable for our opponent to have to face two chief inquisitors.”
Will: “I’m a retiree. …just how long does the Great Court plan to keep on working me to the bone?”

Dlanor: “It seems your strength has increased again. I must not fall behind.”
Will: “No, it’s dulled. I can’t be like in the past.”

Dlanor Defeats Will

Will: “The name of Wright is weeping. …for me to lose this badly.”
Dlanor: “It is not a matter of winning or losing. It is only that our ways of loving mystery differs.”

Dlanor: “Let us stop here. To spar against you was quite enjoyable.”
Will: “This time you read me like an open book, huh. …but it won’t go like this next time.”

Dlanor: “Your movements have slowed. Are you in need of rehabilitation?”
Will: “I’m already a retired man. …it was fun. Let’s spar again sometime.”

Will Defeats Dlanor

Dlanor: “It is regrettable. That you would retire, even though you have such strength…”
Will: “A person like me is already outdated. Mystery changes with the era, too.”

Dlanor: “I have lost. …perhaps this indicates there are still too many gaps in the Ten Commandments, after all.”
Will: “Those gaps have allowed for a lot of mysteries. It was a good fight.”

Will: “You all right? I won this time, but there’s not really much difference between us.”
Dlanor: “Ones such as us are merely guideposts for those who walk on the path of mystery.”



Will: “Looks like I’m working together with you. …pretty generous move of the Great Court.”
Dlanor: “The annihilation of the evil witches. That is the mission we have been given.”
Will: “…Diana’s waiting for me. Let’s hurry up and get this over with.”
Dlanor: “This is a rare cooperation between the heads of the Eiserne and the SSVD. …Let us enjoy ourselves.”

Eva: “Within the darkness are the eyes of the witch! Hiding in the gloomy corridors, just waiting for you to approach!”
Virgilia: “Don’t you know that bad, finicky children will be eaten by the witches hidden beneath the bed? Hohhohohoho…!”
Dlanor: “That is far enough. We will not forgive any further rampaging of you evil witches.”
Eva: “Hmm, isn’t calling us evil rather harsh? All we’re doing is teasing children!”
Will: “Going out of your way to do it on a stormy night? If it’s dancing partners you want, then take us on!”

Dlanor: “For one who was once so ruthless and terrifying… you have changed quite a bit, have you not?”
Will: “I’m not any different than I was in the past. …I won’t forgive evil or witches. That’s all.”
Dlanor: “If it was the old you, you would not have accepted such a dull mission, correct?”
Will: “You’ve changed too. From the brat who wouldn’t take a job if it meant doing paperwork.”
Dlanor: “Hmph. …let us enjoy this mission together.”

Beatrice: “The night of Rokkenjima is my domain! Now, quickly, let the daylight fade away. I’ll take you to the world of witches…!”
Lucifer: “We furniture of torture, who pierce through living sacrifices, have been waiting all this time to play. Heeheeheeheehee…!”
Dlanor: “The time of witches ends now! From here on out you shall face us!”
Beatrice: “What’s that?! Just for teasing children, the inquisitors go so far as to send two of their leaders! The Great Court must have a great deal of free time on its hands!”
Dlanor: “Free time, indeed. Due to this dispatchment, paperwork for two thousand cases have piled up…!”
Will: “More to the point. I’ve already left my seal with the new head of office, so I’m fine. Thanks to that, I can trade in the foreign exchange as much as I want while I’m on the clock.”

Shannon: “Thank you very much, you two. With this, the frightening witches have disappeared.”
Will: “So you’re the one who made the request. …I’d like to know. Why would you call us for something like this?”
Dlanor: “Will. Asking that is against regulations.”
Will: “True enough. Government officials should keep their mouths shut, do their jobs, and suit up when they get called in.”

Shannon: “…and so, with the great effort of those two, the scary witches were erased.”
Ange: “Really…? There really aren’t any more witches under the bed or inside the closet or in the darkness outside the window…?”
Shannon: “No, there aren’t. Because Will and Dlanor were sent by the Great Court and got rid of the scary witch, Beatrice.”
Dlanor: “Leave the bad witches to us. Disposing of them is our mission.”
Will: “So rest easy and go to sleep. When morning comes tomorrow, the weather will be bright again.”
Ange: “The scary witches really won’t appear anymore in my dreams…?”
Shannon: “No, they won’t. …so please don’t worry and rest, Ange-sama…”


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