Ougon Cross: Shannon + Will & Rosa + Will dialogue

Thank you to yumetabibito for all of her help and support, as always! In which Shannon and Will chat a bit about mystery and Rosa suggests a cure for Willard’s perpetual headaches.


Shannon to Will

“Have you arrived as a guest? Or perhaps as a former inquisitor…?”
“Van Dine’s Twenty Rules. However, mysteries that betray them are interesting as well, aren’t they?”
“If you will have me… please accept me as your opponent.”

Will to Shannon

“…let me meet with the witch. I won’t do anything bad.”
“This time, I don’t have anything like the theatergoing ability. Let’s go at it with all we’ve got.”
“So we meet again. …wish that person was as gentle as you.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “Sorry. …I thought someone sprung up behind me, but it was just my subconscious acting up. Don’t worry about it.”
Shannon: “…so that’s why you protected your behind? …you’re so funny, Willard-sama.”

Will: “Shannon. Could you give those guys a hand?”
Shannon: “Yes, leave it to me. …Willard-sama, you’re a kind person, aren’t you?”

Will: “It’s a shame. Whydunnit, more than anything else, is the most central part of mystery.”
Shannon: “The motive, you mean? …yes, that’s true. It’s the deepest, most important element.”

Shannon: “Good job. I’ll bring some warm tea and cookies immediately.”
Will: “It’s still not over yet. Anyway, I drink coffee while I’m on the job.”

Shannon: “I’m so sorry to cause such trouble for a guest…!”
Will: “Don’t worry about it. I had no intention of being a guest from the start.”

Shannon: “You have such a splendid appearance… who on earth could you be…?”
Will: “Don’t concern yourself about me. You’ll get a headache.”

Shannon Defeats Will:

Shannon: “…my apologies. I don’t understand what it is you’re looking for.”
Will: “Yeah… let me take back that question. Forget about it.”

Will: “You really don’t know Ushiromiya Lion…?”
Shannon: “I’ve never heard of anyone in the Ushiromiya family with that name…”

Shannon: “…………….. ……. …… …”
Will: “…nevermind, let’s stop here. …I’ll return to this later.”

Will Defeats Shannon

Shannon: “My apologies… somehow, it appears that you are a person who values the heart…”
Will: “Because they have hearts, humans aren’t mere dolls. I won’t forget that.”

Will: “My only concern is the heart. Whydunnit is how I approach mystery now.”
Shannon: “I will pray that you are able to safely complete your mission, Willard-sama…”

Will: “Sorry. Against you, I thought I shouldn’t hold back.”
Shannon: “Thank you very much. I have also used my full power.”


Rosa to Will

“Those who are suspicious are all wolves! The only ones I can trust are myself and the corpses. So sorry about that.”
“There’s nothing else I can tell you about… could you please leave me alone?”
“I have no interest in the culprit’s motive. The important thing is who the culprit is, and how to protect ourselves!”

Will to Rosa

“I didn’t come here to get in your way. …looks like you’re not going to listen, though.”
“Calm down. You’ll get a headache. …pretty soon, too, seems like.”
“Put the gun down. It makes talking too difficult.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “Are you unhurt? You’ve got to get back safe. There’s someone waiting for your return, isn’t there?”
Rosa: “Isn’t there someone waiting for you too? …You mustn’t make them cry.”

Rosa: “Who are you, really? …isn’t it about time you revealed your true identity?”
Will: “Don’t think too hard about it… …you’ll get a headache.”

Will: “That’s enough. It isn’t certain yet that they’re the culprits.”
Rosa: “You’re right. And it’s still not certain that they’re sheep, either. …I’m tying them up.”

Rosa: “I wouldn’t have thought someone like you could have been on the island. Where on earth were you hiding?”
Will: “I wasn’t hiding or anything. It’s just that the game board has changed.”

Will: “Don’t you think you ought to ease up on that trigger?”
Rosa: “I have the opposite question for you. Why is it that you men can never act decisively?”

Will: “That’s enough scolding, isn’t it? You go too far and they won’t learn anything from it.”
Rosa: “…that’s hard for me to hear. I meant to make things better, but maybe it became hurtful instead…”

Rosa Defeats Will

Rosa: “Thanks to you, I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my heart. Thank you.”
Will: “I’m glad to hear that. Being defeated isn’t the same as loss… you could say.”

Rosa: “Let’s get along with each other again, okay? When I’m with you, I’d rather meet in a nice cafe.”
Will: “Agreed. It’s obvious that the smell of coffee is preferable to the smell of blood.”

Will: “Let’s stop there. If this goes any further, we’ll get headaches.”
Rosa: “Definitely. But if you would just take a bullet, your headache would disappear.”

Will Defeats Rosa

Rosa: “A good man is strong, even in a fight. …whereas a worthless woman is this pathetic in battle, too.”
Will: “Winning or losing doesn’t decide if a person is good or bad. …Here, can you stand?”

Will: “A boorish gun like that doesn’t suit a lady. …could you hand that thing over?”
Rosa: “…it’s my loss… …thank you for calling someone like me a lady.”

Will: “They say a mother can throw away everything in order to protect their child.”
Rosa: “Isn’t that the same for anyone? So I’ll protect Maria even if it costs me my life!!”

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