Ougon Cross: Jessica + Will & George + Will dialogue

A huge thank you to yumetabibito for her help, as always! And an additional huge thank you to ruriair for translating the first two sections of Jessica and Will’s partner dialogue, and letting me repost them here - THEY ARE BOTH GREAT PEOPLE AND TRANSLATORS GO AND LOVE ON BOTH OF THEM. In which Lion references are made and George gets jealous.


Jessica to Will

“Oh hey, it’s a real good-looking guy. Would have been nice to have some kind of alert!”
“Seems like a popular one, though… not my type…!”
“Didn’t hear the doorbell ringing. …which means I get to greet you in my own way, right?”

Will to Jessica

“It’s a relief, isn’t it, that you’re an only child. You can live without getting your ass pinched.”
“Even when Lion exists, you’ve got that same personality. Pretty impressive.”
“So you’re that person’s little sister… must be tough. …or not? Maybe it works out well?”

Partner Dialogue

Jesisca: “You seem to know a lot about the Ushiromiya family. Are you a friend of someone in the family or something…?”
Will: “Not sure how to put it… …Well, it’s true that I do have connections.”

Will: “I can’t let you get hurt. …My ass is on the line, too.”
Jessica: “Your ass? What are you talking about? Anyway, thanks for helping out!”

Jessica: “What are you trying to look into? Anything I can help with?”
Will: “The sentiment alone’s enough. What I’m trying to look into is… who killed Beatrice.”

Will: “Just what you’d expect from that person’s little sister. I sympathize with your enemies.”
Jessica: “Huh, so in another world, I’m someone’s little sister…? The other world seems interesting!”

Jessica: “My bad, can’t believe I ended up owing one to a guest! You really saved me!”
Will: “Don’t worry about it. This is my duty, looks like.”

Will: “No matter what world you’re in, that honest way of living of yours doesn’t change.”
Jessica: “Of course not! There’d be nothing to gain out of taking that away!”

Jessica Defeats Will:

Jessica: “Why don’t we start over? If you’re here as a guest, I’ll show you to a room and get you some tea.”
Will: “…sounds about right. This isn’t really my style. Let’s go with that instead.”

Will: “Nice punch. Looks like you’re going to have me taking home what I couldn’t stomach.”
Jessica: “Don’t say that. You should be asking for another helping!”

Jessica: “Sorry! Could you have been a guest?! Your outfit was just so shady, I just…!”
Will: “Lashing out physically before using words… just like a certain someone I know.”

Will Defeats Jessica:

Will: “If you’re Lion’s little sister, why don’t you try being a little more graceful? You’ll get your ass pinched.”
Jessica: “Huh? Whose little sister did you say I was? …what is this guy talking about…?”

Jessica: “…It’s too late for me to become graceful or anything. This is my way of living…”
Will: “Even in Lion’s world, that comes through. That kind of purity is impressive in and of itself.”

Will: “Lashing out physically before using words… you’re definitely that person’s sister, I’d say.”
Jessica: “Owowowow…! Using our fists to talk cuts to the chase better than words or whatever anyway, right?!!”


George to Will

“Could you be a guest? Allow me to assess if you’re suitable to be welcomed by the Ushiromiya family.”
“Welcome to the Ushiromiya family. I’ll greet you in the place of Uncle Krauss.”
“…oh dear. With such an amazing man, I can’t help but feel a twinge from my old complex.”

Will to George

“The one Eva passed her martial arts onto, eh… Interesting. Let’s see how you do.”
“Next I have to fight George? This witch’s farce is wearing thin, too.”
“This is the witch’s sideshow, huh? …pitting me against George.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “I don’t doubt your resolve. …however, sometimes you need to be more open-minded towards coarse behavior.”
George: “What are you talking about? If you’re alluding to Shannon and I’s relationship, your input is unnecessary.”

George: “With you being both so good-looking and capable, I’m remembering some of my old jealousy.”
Will: “You have a beautiful girlfriend, don’t you? You’re the winner here.”

George: “The existence of a superior colleague simply makes me improve myself more. I can’t lose to you.”
Will: “Diligent self-improvement, huh. …not bad. In that case, I’d better step up my game too.”

Will: “Not something you usually discuss openly, but sometimes, this kind of win is nice too.”
George: “Yes, it’s important for both the body and soul to periodically release stress.”

Will: “Pretty good. Could have almost fooled me with that weak-willed, son of a rich family act, if I hadn’t known better.”
George: “If you were my enemy, by the time you realized that, you’d have already lost.”

George: “I wonder if I can become like you someday…”
Will: “Not ‘can’, ‘will.’ Don’t give up on yourself.”

George Defeats Will

George: “My apologies, one wouldn’t think you could possibly be a guest of the family…!”
Will: “Thanks for the cool reception. I don’t really mind this sort of thing.”

George: “It seems you know when to step down. …it’s good that you are a gentleman.”
Will: “Yeah. …so thankfully, I’m capable of breaking things up before these wounds get any worse.”

Will: “If my skills hadn’t dulled… you’re not bad.”
George: “Unbelievable. If you regained your old instincts, I couldn’t win, could I?”

Will Defeats George

Will: “Your usage of Eva’s martial arts wasn’t bad. If you want to train, come at me anytime. I’ll take you on.”
George: “In other words, you held back against me. In that case, I’d like to start immediately.”

George: “Oh dear. I thought I was capable of fighting a bit more than that. But it seems I still have a ways to go…”
Will: “Get to training. All you did was show your strength. You’re by no means inferior.”

Will: “You’re pretty good. Seems like the records handed down about you were pretty off.”
George: “…it doesn’t seem like whatever is written about me in the future is very pleasant.”

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