Ougon Cross: Virgilia + Will & Ronove + Will dialogue

yumetabibito continues to be incredible help! In which Willard Huntington Wright engages in a wide variety of gentlemanly discussion. Well, when he isn’t being a petulant brat.


Virgilia to Will

“Van Dine’s Twenty Rules… I have often thought that I would like to face them at least once.”
“I have often held these kinds of intellectual battles with Dlanor as well. There is no need to hold back.”
“Wizard-Hunting Wright. Allow me to bear witness to your power…!”

Will to Virgilia

“Don’t push yourself too hard, all right? You might end up straining your back.”
“I’ve heard about you from Dlanor. Seems you’ve got some fight in you.”
“I’d like to talk with you later about how a retired person makes their way in the world, too.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “Leave this to me. Wouldn’t want you to get too worked up and pull a muscle.”
Virgilia: “What did you say?…I cannot help my age.”

Virgilia: “Can you truly understand and bring that child’s heart to light…?”
Will: “Who knows. …the only thing I can do is conduct her funeral.”

Will: “Diana? Yeah, fish are her favorite. She eats them all the time.”
Virgilia: “Then please accept this mackerel as a souvenir. After all, it’s your dear cat’s favorite.”

Virgilia: “You are indeed worthy of the title of Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD.”
Will: “I should say be the one saying that. Getting a glimpse of the former Endless Witch in action is quite a privilege.”

Virgilia: “Ohohohoho. Perhaps I scolded them a bit too much, hm?”
Will: “Hey, I’m young, too. I should hold back, but sooner or later I end up going too far.”

Will: “A thousand-year-old witch, huh? About how old are you, really?”
Virgilia: “Hohhohohohoho. I am eternally seventeen years old!”

Virgilia Defeats Will

Will: “All right, I’m gonna excuse myself. Things get rough when Diana’s mood goes sour.”
Virgilia: “My oh my, even though you haven’t tended to your wounds. Why not take this mackerel as a present for Diana-san?”

Virgilia: “Hohhohho… what do you think? I’m still quite young, aren’t I?”
Will: “Women are young no matter how old they get. …a youthful 1017-year-old girl, huh. …incredible.”

Virgilia: “Your sword holds compassion. …I do wish that I could say the same for that child…”
Will: “…Try to give your student careful guidance. If you could do that, I wouldn’t have to come and see things through.”

Will Defeats Virgilia

Will: “Sorry, I was a little too forceful. Thought there wasn’t any need to hold back against you.”
Virgilia: “Heehee. Thank you for not taking me lightly.”

Will: “Even retired, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Looks like what they say about witches never growing old is true.”
Virgilia: “But I am eternally seventeen years old, after all. …ouch, ouch, ouch…”

Virgilia: “Splendidly done. As expected from the one able to inherit the name of Wright.”
Will: “The name’s already been claimed from me, though. You’ll have to pass your expectations onto the new Wright.”


Ronove to Will

“I am quite jealous to see you able to retire at that age. I would also like to live in a refined state of semi-retirement.”
“My, my. It seems I will have to engage this one seriously as well. Shall we begin?”
“I humbly request a match. The demon’s blood within me aches from sleeping for so long.”

Will to Ronove

“I just want some tea. …well, well, looks like you’re free too.”
“You’ve got it rough, too. Dealing with Battler and with Beato. You’ve got my sympathies.”
“…a match against a demon, huh. Not bad. …you ready to go?”

Partner Dialogue

Ronove: “Just splendid. I, Ronove, certainly do not possess such charm.”
Will: “You’ve giving me too much praise. I only won because I followed your lead.”

Will: “I don’t have time to screw around with you guys. I’m going on ahead.”
Ronove: “Pukuku. I am terribly envious of you, to have a person awaiting your return.”

Will: “…you use the gentleman act to cover up the beast within, huh. Your true nature becomes visible in your battles.”
Ronove: “Oh my, can you see that much? I am quite gratified to hear that. Pukuku…”

Ronove: “Allow me to deal with the opponents not fit to face you, Will-sama. I will leave you the ones I am unable to defeat.”
Will: “If I do that, there won’t be any left. …at least let me handle a few of them.”

Ronove: “Strong, cool, and flawless. If you were to become a butler, my character would quickly fall into obscurity, it would seem. Pukuku.”
Will: “Relax. I can’t pull off being a waiter, and I don’t plan on growing a mustache.”

Will: “I probably went too far, huh? Sorry, but I’d appreciate if you could help those guys out.”
Ronove: “Pukuku. Understood. I shall carefully so~ak and disinfect their wounds.”

Ronove Defeats Will

Ronove: “As it has been a long time since we have had a gentleman as a guest, I’m afraid I carelessly allowed my greeting to become too passionate.”
Will: “…that passionate greeting hurt a hell of a lot. …from now on I’m going to ask to be greeted the normal way.”

Ronove: “Why is it that you are retiring? …with your level of strength, you should still be able to serve well.”
Will: “If I can lose like this, …being made the laughingstock of a demon, there’s no hope for me as an inquisitor either.”

Will: “Why is it that a demon like you would act as a butler? Let me know that much.”
Ronove: “Pukuku. I shall answer that question when you defeat me.”

Will Defeats Ronove

Will: “I don’t actually dislike your tea, you know? Mind if I have another cup?”
Ronove: “Understood. I shall see to it as soon as I have tended to my wounds…”

Will: “Sorry, but while I’m on the job, I prefer black coffee. Tea’s obviously more suited for when you’re off work.”
Ronove: “How thoughtless of me. I, Ronove, still have much to learn.”

Ronove: “What a fabulous and elegant victory…! I have nothing but admiration.”
Will: “In both reasoning and battle, you can’t forget manners and respect.”

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