Ougon Cross: Lucifer/Chiester 410/Will + Will Dialogue

A thousand thank yous to yumetabibito for her patience, help, and wonderful support. In which Willard Huntington Wright is alternatively made vaguely uncomfortable and vaguely bemused by the fanservice brigade, when he isn’t stomping around and sulking like the hilarious sore loser he is.


Lucifer to Will

“I’ll show you the greeting of the Seven Sisters! Though it might be so fun you end up broken, right…?”
“If this doesn’t seem like a man well worth piercing…! He’s aaaall mine!!”
“You don’t comprehend anything. Not the tricks, nor me—you can’t grasp a single thing!”

Will to Lucifer

“Calm down. I’m not really your enemy.”
“Won’t you catch a cold in an outfit showing that much skin? How about wearing a tracksuit or something?”
“The Seven Sisters of Purgatory. Sure is something to think up seven of them.”

Partner Dialogue

Lucifer: “Hey you, don’t get cocky just because you’re a little bit cool and popular with women!”
Will: “…why do you have to bring up something like that? …not something I need to hear…”

Lucifer: “Y, you’d better be grateful! I went ahead and allowed you to finish them off, after all…!”
Will: “Thanks for that. Thought you seemed to be struggling against them, but it must have been my imagination, huh?”

Lucifer: “So this is the famed Wizard-Hunting Wright…!”
Will: “Forget about that fame. …we’re working together, and that’s all there is to it, right?”

Will: “Have respect for an opponent who’s acknowledged their loss. That’s the responsibility of the winner.”
Lucifer: “But we should have the right to humiliate and trample and stomp all over the losers… geez!”

Will: “Put an end to it there. If you go any further, you won’t be able to tell what they originally looked like.”
Lucifer: “It’s when you can’t tell what they looked like anymore that my job is finally done, you know? Heehee!”

Lucifer: “This is the power of the eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory, Lucifer! Remember it!”
Will: “Too much arrogance and you’re just asking to lose. That’s enough.”

Lucifer Defeats Will

Lucifer: “Ha, this is all you’ve got? This is the great Wizard-Hunting Wright’s power?”
Will: “Right now, it’s about this, yeah. …hey. I should retire, shouldn’t I?”

Lucifer: “I can never forget the moment I finish off a good man! It’s the greatest feeling!”
Will: “Owowow… won’t be too easy for the one who was finished off to forget, either…”

Will: “I’ll acknowledge that I lost today. …however, in the end, the winner is going to be me. Don’t forget that.”
Lucifer: “Certainly, I’ll be happy to accept your challenge anytime! Let me feel the thrill of piercing you again!”

Will Defeats Lucifer

Will: “You’re caught between being a subordinate and a weapon—you’ve got it tough, too, don’t you? I get it.”
Lucifer: “P, please don’t talk as though you understand me!! It’s not really like it’s tough or anything!”

Will: “I understand you guys’ true forms, but I don’t intend to expose you. Don’t worry.”
Lucifer: “…t, to have pity taken on me by the enemy… I, … I can’t stand it…!”

Lucifer: “I, it’s totally my loss… I’m looking forward to it… the inquisitors’ methods of torture…”
Will: “You’re headed for the evidence room, not the interrogation room. I’m so terribly sorry to disappoint.”


Chiester to Will

“He’s got a bit of a capable air. …as a weapon, my blood is boiling, nyeh!”
“I spy a hot guy of the likes unseen in a long time, nyeh! However, I’ll soon have to see him departed, nyehhh!”
“Such a shame, nyeh…! To have to kill such a hot guy like this, nyeh…”

Will to Chiester

“Maria’s friends, huh. …you guys’ true forms are pretty tragic.”
“I didn’t come here to play. …get out of my way, rabbit.”
“If you hang around in that kind of outfit, won’t you catch a cold? Aren’t you chilly?”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “It’s a tragic mystery. …this gameboard. …and you guys, too.”
Chiester: “We don’t choose what gameboard we’re born on, nyeh. All we can do is live our lives earnestly, nyeh!”

Will: “The Chiester Sister Corps, huh. …You’re a surprisingly reliable bunch.”
Chiester: “Protective shooting is our true function, nyeh. So we’re the background support on the battlefield, nyeh…!”

Will: “Working with a rabbit now and then isn’t so bad.”
Chiester: “Eheh! Rabbits are smarter than cats, nyeh!”

Will: “…seems like you’re covering up having witnessed a lot of tragic, brutal scenes. It emerges when you fight.”
Chiester: “Dunno what you’re talking about, nyeh. If you feel sorry for me, give me a carrot, nyeh!”

Chiester: “You people from heaven have zero mercy, nyeh. It depresses even a weapon like me, nyeh…!”
Will: “I don’t choose to fight. …it’s just that there are times I’m forced to end things by drawing my sword.”

Will: “That’s enough. They still haven’t realized that you’re holding back.”
Chiester: “I’m not holding back, nyeh, I’m just playing, nyeh. Niihihihihihi!”

Chiester Defeats Will

Will: “What the hell… damn, I really am retired. …to lose to something like this…”
Chiester: “Mission complete! Elimination of target Willard is confirmed!”

Chiester: “A good man is cool even when he’s falling back, nyeh?”
Will: “…tch. This time, I got too worked up. You better watch out next time.”

Chiester: “See, see! Rabbits are superior to cats, nyeh~! Eheh!”
Will: “I’m a fan of cats. I don’t have any intention of switching over to rabbits.”

Will Defeats Chiester

Chiester: “W, why didn’t you finish me off, nyeh…? I was prepared for death, nyeh…”
Will: “Understanding you and exposing you are different things. If you don’t get it, then pull back.”

Will: “You guys’ job is to play with humans. Any more than that, and you’re crossing the line.”
Chiester: “T, treating us like toys… this guy knows what he’s doing, nyeh…”

Will: “That’s enough fighting, right? Now, head on home. I’ve left some of your favorite food with the butler.”
Chiester: “Nyeh-nyeh! The enemy has sent us carrots…! Head back immediately~!”


Will Defeats Will

“I can wield the Twenty Rules, even like this. Naturally, I also know how to get around them.”
“…pretty good. I’d like the next person who carries the name of Wright to be like that, too…”

“So this is… the strength of the man who bears the name of Wright…”
“Yeah, that’s right. And someone who puts out that shoddy display isn’t ready to inherit this name.”

“What’s the reason you’re copying me?”
“…don’t think too hard about it. You’ll get a headache.”

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