What’s actually going on in this scene:

Yasu is haunted, once again, by what she’s kept locked inside and been tortured by for two years since finding out about her body and her injury: that she will never fulfill or be fulfilled sexually with the man she loves. Internally conflicted, a part of herself attempts to counter that love is something that should surpass base physicality and become about something deeper and more important. Immediately, her heart lashes back out with the fact that George, a man, fell in love with her because she was a woman and she becomes completely hysterical at the idea of what will happen and how he will react when that basis and that love is exposed as a “fraud,” and her true form as a “filthy maggot” is exposed to him.

Yasu then kills George and commits suicide.

(This is part of why it’s hard for me to buy that Yasu’s issue is simply fertility, by the way. Yasu, herself, gives no fucks about babies, not ever, not once - the only reason it’s an issue is because it’s tied to George’s expectations of her as a woman and the future he dreams of with her. It’s a symptom, not a cause. We see all of her dark, violent, raging feelings emerge here, and it’s not about being a mother, it is literally about the act of sex itself.)

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