Ougon Cross: Bernkastel + Will Dialogue & Story

A million thanks to yumetabibito for her assistance once again, and another million thanks to ruriair for translating a segment of the Bern + Will storyline! In which Bern and Will go for a walk, and, uh… EP7… must have… never… happened, I… guess?

If you haven’t checked out ruriair’s fantastic translation of the Lambda + Will dialogue, definitely check it out here, along with the rest of her great work with Lambda’s material! The rest of the translations of Will’s interactions and storylines can be found here.

Bern to Will

“I thought you had escaped somewhere – so you were in this kind of Fragment. Are you prepared?”
“I’ll bury you alongside Lion. Aren’t I kind? Hehehe…”
“My, just taking one of your arms wasn’t enough. How about your leg next?”

Will to Bern

“I won’t let you make Lion into a toy. I’m taking you down here!”
“Heartless people like you rot away mysteries.”
“I haven’t forgotten my grudge about my arm, got it? I’m pretty vindictive, in a way.”

Partner Dialogue

Will: “Why do you toy with peoples’ fates? You should know just how much meaning they hold, and yet…”
Bern: “It’s because I know. Peoples’ fates are surprisingly worthless things, you know? Heeheehee!”

Will: “Piercing through merciless truths… what do you enjoy about that?”
Bern: “The truth is everything, right? Humans live for it, and also die for it.”

Bern: “Just when did you get that arm back? Then, shall I go ahead and tear it out again?”
Will: “It was a special service from Lady Lambda. …sorry, but I’m not giving it back to you.”

Bern: “You really are an interesting piece, aren’t you? I’m so glad I chose you.”
Will: “You would be glad. Thanks to that, I’m the one stuck doing all the damn fighting.”

Will: “Hey, you fight a little too. Or do you plan on making me do it all?”
Bern: “Hmm? You think you can give orders to me, Bernkastel? Heeheehee…”

Bern: “As expected of a competent man. You’re completely different from that Ba-something-or-other from wherever.”
Will: “Being incompetent is fine too, isn’t it? If everything was solved straight from EP1, it’d be boring, right?”

Bern Defeats Will

Will: “If a miracle won’t occur to defeat a monster like this, it means there won’t be any miracles…”
Bern: “That’s what it means. Because I refuse to allow them to occur, it makes them all the more precious and shining.”

Bern: “And I had noticed and brought you here because you held the name of Wright. I’ve got no interest in the you that’s retired.”
Will: “…I’m happy to hear there’s no interest, if it’s coming from a witch like you…”

Bern: “Heeheehee. Those children told me they can’t be satisfied just by eating your arm.”
Will: “Sorry, but I’m afraid of what’d happen after having committing adultery. …feed them some tuna or something.”

Will Defeats Bern

Bern: “Yes, yes, I give up. I’m already in the grandstands, after all.”
Will: “Going back to being a spectator when it’s convenient… you’re the worst kind of spectator, huh.”

Will: “You’d be better if you had charm like Diana’s, but…”
Bern: “Oh? Even though I’m a purebred? My pedigree is top notch, you know…”

Will: “Looks like you were abandoned by your master, huh. If not, there’s no way I could have won.”
Bern: “Most likely, she wanted to watch me lose… damn Auaurora…”


Will: “What do you want? …if you’re here to tear me apart, get it over with.”
Bern: “If I was going to dig my claws into something, I’d prefer a sliding door to you. Relax, I have no intentions of doing any such thing.”
Will: “Whose mystery do you want me to break apart this time?”
Bern: “Heehee. …who knows. Come along with me for a bit. …to take a cat on a walk.”

Jessica: “So you’re Bernkastel!! How dare you toy with everyone’s lives!!”
Bern: “…Will. Dispose of that forceful piece.”
Will: “What am I, your attack dog? I’ve got no obligation to do what you say.”
Bern: “Do you want to continue walking with me for all eternity? Though Diana will be a dried up husk by the time you get back. …Heehee.”
Will: “…Tch. Don’t think badly of me. I’m taking you down…!”

Bern: “Heeheehee. How unsightly, human. Ahhh, this truly is pleasant!”
Will: “I don’t find it the least bit pleasant. Hurry up and release me.”
Bern: “Now, let’s go, Will. …I told you, didn’t I? That this is taking a cat for a walk.”
Will: “In other words, I’m the one being walked? …since when did you become my owner?”
Bern: “Then will you take that role? Go ahead, walk me somewhere. Yes, for about a hundred years or so. …Heehee!”

Battler: “There you are, Bernkastel!! We’re not gonna be your toys anymore!”
Will: “Do you get nothing but people this hostile coming to see you?”
Bern: “My walks are quite an ordeal, aren’t they? No one but those types appear.”
Will: “Then switch the days you go. Or if not, stay at home.”
Bern: “Even I need to take walks and play sometimes, or else I’ll die. …you understand, don’t you…?”
Will: “Yeah, I understand. …since my Diana is the same way.”

Bern: “Go straight ahead into that darkness. It will take you home.”
Will: “So I’m finally released from duty. You just drag people in when you want to play, and when you get bored you just disappear. My Diana’s the same way.”
Bern: “…Everyone likes dogs. They’ll fawn on you and play with you. …There’s no one who would love something as unendearing as a cat.”
Will: “That’s not true. Sometimes there are people who wholeheartedly appreciate a cat’s independent way of living, too.”
Bern: “If the mood strikes me, …I’ll take you with me on a walk again.”
Will: “Even when they refuse, you force them into it anyway. It’s us cat-lovers who’re able to love those kinds of free-spirited creatures.”
Bern: “…Heehee. You really are such a good man. That’s why cats like you. Now, hurry and go home. Or I just might change my mind, like a cat.”

Erika: “My masterrr! Welcome home! Where could you have gone?”
Bern: “On a walk. …no, on a date. Being with a handsome man, it turned out that way.”
Erika: “A d-d-date?! E, even though you have me, my masterrrrrrrrrr!”
Bern: “…really, cats are fickle creatures. Heehee, …haahahahahaha.”

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