Since I recently checked the Japanese Ougon Wiki and it looked like they got some of Will’s in-battle dialogue up, I figured I’d quickly translate it for completionist’s sake…??? Thanks to yumetabibito eternally and always for checking the translations (though these were done pretty hastily lol). In which there is, uh, a lot of repeat of VN dialogue, but hey, Lion gets to cameo a bunch! The rest of Will’s Ougon Cross dialogue and storylines is translated here

Meta Declaration

Generic: “This is all fantasy!” / “There is no such thing as a crime without a heart!”

To Erika: “You lack a whydunnit!”

To Dlanor: “I’m sick of those tragic stories!”

To Bernkastel: “It’s about time someone trimmed your claws!”


“I won’t accept that as the culprit!”

Meta Re-declaration:

“Don’t make fate into a toy!”

Counter-Meta II:

“Don’t tamper with the miracle!”

Meta Re-re-declaration:

“Ahh, pain in the ass. Come on!”


Generic: “I’m getting a headache.”

Ushiromiya Family: “The Ushiromiya family’s filled with these types, huh?”

Black Battler: “Pretty well-made forgery, aren’t you.”

Lambda/Bern: “…geez, damn witches…”


To Battler: 

“I’m Willard. I was caught up in your acquaintance’s game, and I was just passing through.”

To Beato:

Lion: “It’s good to meet you, Beatrice. I know a great deal about you.”

Will: “Lion, get back.”

To Ange:

Lion: “My name is Ushiromiya Lion.”

Will: “Ushiromiya Ange, is it… does your truth exist in this place?”

To Lucifer: 

“Whether you’re furniture or a weapon doesn’t concern me, but I’ll be your opponent. Come on!”

To Shannon:

“I’ll use the theatergoing ability on you.”

To Kanon:

Lion: “Good work. Umm, I’m sure your name was…”

Will: “So you don’t know Lion?”

To Virgilia:

Will: “Don’t think any more on it.”

Lion: “You’ll get a headache?”

Will: “I’ve got a headache.”

To Ronove:

“Beatrice’s butler, huh. I’d like to hear your story.”

To Eva:

“Is the entire Ushiromiya family like this? I’m getting a headache.”

To Chiester 410:

“I’ve got no business with rabbits; bring me the one who’s giving you orders!”

To Jessica:

Lion: “Jessica! Why do you have to talk like that?”

Will: “Come on, Lion…”

To George:

“Is it all right? It’d be good if you told me what you know.”

To Rosa:

Will: “Ushiromiya Rosa… so she’s encountered a woman calling herself Beatrice, huh.”

Lion: “Aunt Rosa, have you ever met Beatrice?”

To Black Battler:

Will: “Is that Battler? No, this guy doesn’t seem that cute.”

Lion: “Who is responsible for writing this sort of tasteless story!?”

To Erika:

“Listening to and dispersing your reasoning will be fitting for my final act as Wright.”

To Dlanor:

“Yo, Dlanor. I see you’re as short as ever.”

To Willard:

“I’ve got no business with you, bring me the one giving you orders!” / “Who created this guy? I gave up the name of Wright to someone else.” / “I’m already retired. If it’s about a job, ask the new Wright.”

To Lambdadelta:

Lion: “Lady Lambdadelta. Please, lend us your power…”

Will: “What a troublesome opponent.”

To Bernkastel:

Lion: “I don’t know who you are, but please get down from there!”

Will: “The Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel, is it… it’s about time someone trimmed your claws!”



"We won’t give up on the miracle!"

To Battler: 

“Not remembering your promise… that is your sin.”

To Ange: 

“Don’t believe in it. This fragment is a delusion of the people living in the future.”

To Lucifer:

“Don’t get carried away with that tomboy stuff.”

To Shannon:

“If you don’t call Kanon, I’ll use the theatergoing ability.”

To Kanon:

“If you don’t call Shannon, I’ll use the theatergoing ability.”

To Eva:

“This is the result of your deliberation. Seems you can accept it.”

To Chiester 410:

“Toys should act like toys.”

To George:

“So you’re an adult, huh. Looks like we’ll get along.”

To Erika:

“I won’t acknowledge a mystery without a heart!”

To Dlanor:

“Lord Knox also wanted to forbid fake murders, eh.”

To Black Battler:

“Go to sleep. Your existence is an insult against Battler.”

To Lambdadelta:

“It’s not a matter of winning or losing. Having a strong will to fight is worthy of praise.”

To Bernkastel:

“You’re not God. The only thing you’re capable of is sneering at fate!”

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